We offer a wide range of services and advice to ensure that you deliver a cost effective and successful project.



Our highly knowledgeable and skilled Sales Team offer a wide range of advice and options that you may need for your project.

Our Sales Team are able to advise you on which species are best suited for your application, and are highly skilled in optimising your volume requirements to ensure that you purchase the minimum volume of timber for your specific project.


At Country Woods we offer machining services where we rip plane thickness and cut to size. We offer lamination of tops to required sizes. Moulding and Tongue and Groove can be done from timber of your choice.

We also manufacture Mouldings such as Architraves, Dado Rails and Handrails to order.

For the DIY and Carpentry enthusiasts, choose your timber and we laminate and size your table or counter top.


We offer a cost effective and efficient delivery service in and around Gauteng.

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