Silky Oak (Grevillea robusta)


Silky Oak (Grevillea robusta)


Family - Proteaceae
Distribution - Australia (Native to Queensland ) Also planted outside of Australia - in East and South Africa as a shade tree.
Other Names: Carvalho sedoso, Gravilea, Greirllea, Grevilea, Grevilia, Grevillea, Helecho, Kawilia, Lacewood, Pino rojo, Roble de pelota, Roble de seda, Roble redoso, Southern silky oak, Tuggan-tuggan.
Characteristics: The timber is pinkish or reddish brown turning brown with age. There is sometimes a golden sheen to the wood, but the most prominent feature is the large rays which produce a well-marked silver-grain figure. The wood is straight grained and the texture coarse but even. Silky oak weighs 580 Kg / m3 when dried. The wood works easily, but with a tendency for the large rays to crumble slightly in cutting. It can be nailed, screwed and stained satisfactorily, and a good polish can be obtained.
Working Qualities: The timber works fairly easily. Nails and screws well, stains satisfactorily and takes a good polish.
Uses: Furniture, cabinets and decorative items, panelling, shop fitting and veneer.

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