Purple Heart (Peltogyne spp)


Family - Leguminosae

Distribution - Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Columbia, French Guiana, Guyana, Mexico, Venezuela

Other Names: Peltogyne paniculata / porphyrocardia / venosa, Algarrobito, Algarrobo, Amarante, Amaranth, Amarantholz, Barabu, Bois bagot, Bois de coeur / pourpre / puorpre / puurpre / violet, Daba, Dachitan, Dastan, Ellongrypho, Guarabu branc / preto / rajado / roxo, Guarabussu, Guarado vermelho, Hoepelhout, Koeroeboerelli, Kooroobooelli, Koorooboovelli, Koroboreli, Koroborelli, Kuroburelli, Kuruburelli, Lastan, Legno amaranto / porpora / violetto, Madera purpurea, Malako, Marado, Marako, Marawineroo, Morado, Moriadiana, Mu, Nazareno, Palo concha / morado / violeta, Pao rojo / roxo, Pau ferro / roxo, Pelo morado, Pinyaukun, Poerprehati, Pourpre, Puperhart, Purperhart, Purplewood, Purpuurhart, Rajado, Rarabu, Sacka, Sackaballi, Saka, Sakavalli, Sapater, Simirirang, Tananeo, Tangapaou, Tannaneo, Violet wood, Violetholz, Violetwood, Zapatero, Zeedrat.

Characteristics: The sapwood is creamy white and sharply demarcated from the heartwood which, while greyish-purple when freshly cut, later becomes violet purple to deep purple. In time the purple is lost and the wood turns a dark brown, Sanding restores the colour. The uniform texture varies from fine to medium. The grain is usually straight but is sufficiently irregular. Purpleheart weighs about 880 Kg / M3 when dried. It is very durable. .

Working Qualities: Moderately difficult to work; the wood resists cutting. It also exudes a gummy resin when heated by dulled tools. Its purple colour is dissipated by spirit polishes, but lacquer finishes will hold the colouring.

Uses: Used in areas requiring great strength and resistance e.g. shock-gymnasium equipment, diving boards and skis and also used for structural purposes, bridge and boat building. Because of its unique shades it is also used in turnery, marquetry, furniture, cabinet-making, counter tops carving, inlaying, panelling, billiard cue butts and other decorative areas.

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