Obeche (Triplochiton scleroxylon)


Family - Sterculiaceae

Distribution - Nigeria, Ghana, the Ivory Coast and the Cameroons.

Other Names: Abachi, African bush maple, African whitewood, Ajuss, Arare, Arere, Ayos, Ayous, Ayus, Bado, Bamba, Batobus, Cofa, Egin-fifen, Ejoung, Ejuong, Ewowo, Gha, Hafa, Hofa, Kofa, Kpa, Larana whitewood, Lomangene, M'bado, Nkom, Obeke, Ofa, Okpa, Okpo, Otrotso, Oua-oua, Ouesse, Owawa, Owowa, Pataboa, Sam, Sama, Samba gris / ou ayous, Sankamba, Satinwood, Serama, Soft satinwood, Wana, Wa wa, Wawa arera

Characteristics: The timber is creamy-white to pale yellow in colour with little or no distinction between sapwood and heartwood. It is fairly soft, but firm and fine and even in texture; the grain is often interlocked, giving a faintly striped appearance on quarter sawn surfaces. The timber is very light in weight, averaging about 390 Kg / m3 when dried. It is non-durable and is susceptible to attack by powderpost beetles.

Working Qualities: Easy to work, an excellent finish can be obtained and the timber stains and polishes well. It takes nails and screws well, and has good gluing properties.

Uses: Interior joinery, core stock for plywood, linings of drawers and cupboards, furniture, carving and picture frames.

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