Matumi (Adina microcephala)


Family - Rubiaceae

Distribution - Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and eastern Transvaal.

Other Names: Adina, African teak, Matoemie, Mdogowe, Mgwina, Mingerhout, Mugonha, Mugunya, Mulamandia, Muonha, Muonya, Muwana, Muwona, Mwenya, Redwood, Sohihy, Transvaal teak, Watermatoemie, Wild oleander, Yombe
Characteristics: The sapwood is not clearly defined from the heartwood which is yellowish-brown with darker markings. When freshly cut the wood is very oily and greasy to touch; the grain is irregular, and the texture very fine. A hard, strong and heavy wood, it weighs from 800-1025 Kg / m3 when dried.

Working Qualities: Owing to its hardness it is difficult to work although an excellent finish can be obtained. It polishes well, but is difficult to glue due to the prevalence of oil.

Uses: Used historically for guide blocks in mining, machine bearings (because of its oily nature ), wagon building and heavy construction. Has been used for flooring and decking.

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