Jelutong (Dyera costulata)


Family - Apocynaceae

Distribution - Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia

Other Names: Anjarutung, Djelutung, Gapuk, Hill jelutong, Jalutung, Jarenang, Jelutong burit / paya, Jelutung bukit / gunung, Labuai, Lebuai, Lebuia, Letung, Melabuai, Nyalutung, Nyulutung, Pantung gunung / kapur / tembago, Pidoron, Pulut, Swamp jelutung.

Characteristics: The wood is creamy - white when first cut turning a pale straw colour after exposure. The planed wood is very lustrous, without any figure, but slit -like radial passages may been seen on tangential surfaces. These are latex traces and are commonly from 3 to 5mm wide and represent a natural defect. Jelutong is fine textured, moderately soft and light in weight at around 470 Kg / M3 when dried.

Working Qualities: An easy timber to work with both hand and machine tools it can be finished to a very smooth finish. It takes stains, polish and varnish well, and nails, screws and glues satisfactorily.

Uses: Pattern making, carving, wooden clogs and battery separators provided the timber is selected free from latex traces. Also used for partitions and interior joinery.

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