European White Beech (Fagus sylvatica)


Family - Fagaceae
Distribution - Central Europe and Britain
Other Names: Carpathian beech, Common beech, Danish beech, English beech, European beech, Fayard, French beech, Japanese beech, Rod bok, Romanian beech, Rumanian beech, Slavonian beech, Varlig bok, Yugoslavian beech
Characteristics: Normally there is no clear distinction by colour between sapwood and heartwood, the wood being very pale brown when freshly cut, turning reddish-brown on exposure. The wood is straight grained, with a fine, even texture, but varying in density and hardness according to the locality of growth. Thus beech from central Europe, notably that from Yugoslavia, and that from Romania is milder and lighter in weight, about 670 Kg/M3, than Beech from Britain and northern Europe.
Working qualities: Beech works fairly readily, and is capable of a good smooth surface. It turns well, takes glue readily, and takes stains and polish well. It produces excellent veneer.
Uses: The uses for beech are innumerable, from furniture, both solid and laminated from veneer, to domestic woodware, shoe heels, toys, bobbins, tool handles, interior joinery, flooring and turnery.

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