Cocobola (Dalbergia retusa)


Family - Leguminosae
Distribution - Occurs along the west coast of Central America, from Mexico to Panama.
Other Names: Caviuna, Cocobolo prieto, Cocoboloholz, Foseholz, Funera, Granadillo, Grandillo, Jacarandaholz, Legitimo, Melon, Namba, Nambar de agui, Nambar legitimo, Nicaragua rosewood, Nicaraguan rosewood, Palisander, Palisandre, Palisandro, Palissandro, Palo sandro, Pau preto, Red foxwood, Urauna
Characteristics: The sapwood is light cream to white, the heartwood varies from light yellow to rich red with many other coloured streaks. After exposure these colours darken superficially to deep red. The wood has a fine uniform texture, with a very variable grain. It is a hard, heavy wood weighing from 990 to 1200 Kg/M3.
Working Qualities: It is easy to work provided saws and cutting edges are kept sharp. It is noted for its good turning properties and when machined gives off a mild fragrance from a natural oil which contributes to its good finishing qualities, but makes it difficult to glue. When worked it produces a fine dust, which may be an irritant causing a form of dermatitis and turning the skin orange.
Uses: Knife handles, backs of hair brushes, inlay work, turnery, chessmen, jewellery boxes and other small decorative items.

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