We bring in various African Timbers wet off saw. Depending on how long it has been sitting at the mill, there can be up to 60% moisture in the timber. The timber then gets stickered in our yard for the air to flow through the timber planks. This is a lengthy process depending on the thickness of the timber. It can take up to 12 months for sections 76mm and thicker. This is the air drying process to bring the moisture in the timber down to the correct moisture before the timber can go into the kilns to get kiln dried further to the correct moisture content for selling to our clients for manufacturer.

The timber that comes in wet off saw needs to be air dried to around 20-25%. This avoids cell collapse, checking and cracking. We also wax the ends of the timber to help with end cracks. We then kiln dry the timber further to 8-12%, which is the correct moisture content for our climate. Due to the different hardnessís of the timber, this process differs and can take anything between 4-6 weeks in the kiln. The timber shrinks during this process. The 25mm sections between 7-9%. The 38mm sections between 9-12% and the 50mm sections between 12-15%.

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